Training Solutions

Operational Security Solutions offers high-level training packages and certifications that provide solutions to a wide variety of real world security threats.

  • Handgun Training CoursesRifle-Carbine Training Courses
  • Shotgun Training Courses Sub-gun Training Courses
  • Tactical and Defensive Driving Courses
  • PSD Team Training
  • Improvised Explosive Device Awareness training course
  • Pistol, Bolt Rifle, Carbine, Shotgun, Sub-gun armor's classes
  • Weaponless Defense Classes (law enforcement and military)
  • Advanced Jujitsu instruction (LE/Military/Civilian)
  • Surveillance and Counter-surveillance Awareness Training
  • Threat assessment and analysis classes and consulting
  • Asset protection training
  • Asset recovery training
  • Close protection Training
  • Background checks and personnel screening
  • Emergency Medical Training Tactical-Combat Medical Training
  • Bio-medical Awareness training
  • Hazardous-toxic chemical awareness training
  • Travel warning and threat consulting
  • Set up and preparation of emergency action drills
  • Conduct liaison with Military, Police and Security organizations
  • Plan and conduct briefings Training and recruitment of security professionals for contracts
  • Residential and Family Security Awareness
  • Training Security Audit and Implementation


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